Born and raised in Greater Manchester, England, I studied Design and Art Direction at the Manchester Metropolitan University. Since graduating in 2005, I have worked at the International Media group, Future Publishing on a range of consumer magazines. I currently work at the integrated design agency Watermark Media in London. I have worked on a variety of design projects which have allowed me to develop an extensive technical skillset – branding, advertising, corporate literature, exhibition graphics, web design, social media. My experience spans both print and web mediums.

I quickly progressed to Head Designer at Watermark Media, working directly with high profile corporate clients such as MLS Chase, Labour Friends of India, India Today and Gems International to name a few. I also have extensive experience of working on design projects for charities.

I have a great passion for photography and believe that it compliments my skill as a designer. I also have an interest in social media & blogging and understand the importance of businesses and organisations embracing social media to connect with their audiences.

This blog as a means to express and document my thoughts and journeys which I hope will provide interesting reading to whoever may read it…

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One Comment on “Profile”

  1. Khilan Shah says:

    WOW! this is ‘sik’!!! i’m meant to be revising and came across the link for this on ur facebk home page! u never told me u were doing this! look forward to reading more! ok back to revision now, u distracted me lol! c u soon mate.

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