Onboard Emirates entertainment


I enjoy flying on planes. Every experience is different. Given the amount of time which can be spent on long haul flights, airline companies go to great lengths to ensure that they can provide a great experience.

It’s been a few years since I travelled long distance, but I was really impressed with the entertainment services offered by Emirates economy on my outgoing and incoming flights to Mumbai.


As soon as we get on a plane, its normal to scope out a few things. How big is the screen? What movies are available to watch?

On my Emirates flight, the screens in front of the seats were equivalent to the size of an iPad. A few observations I had on the service:

  • high resolution screen
  • ‘ICE’ service: information, communication and entertainment services
  • ‘App’ based interface
  • Entertainment including music, movies, tv shows, world radio, games
  • Ability to multitask between apps
  • Read short news items via BBC content whilst in the air
  • Simple, clearly designed icons

The interface is well designed. Simple, easy to use with subtle colours. Some might say that it looks slightly dated in comparison to Apple’s iPad interface or Windows 8.



Overall the experience of using the Emirates ‘ICE’ system was great and allowed me to use up some of my time effectively whilst listening to music and watching a couple of movies; not forgetting catching an episode of Friends. There was a huge range of entertainment available, on demand and the interface was quite intuitive, although at times it felt a little slow and clunky switching between apps and screens.


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