Some Christmas lights in London – 21 December 08

Christmas lights – Sunday 21st December 2008 – Central London

Last Sunday I went to central London to do a bit of shopping. I also thought it would be a good opportunity to take some photographs of the Christmas lights… The sky was nice and dark, with the lights at their best.. I pulled out my camera and lined up a shot. It wouldn’t allow me to take any pictures! The batteries needed charging! Bugger! – very disappointing to say the least… I decided to pull out my 2mp camera phone and took some pics of the lights on Oxford street and Regent street. The ‘net blankets’ above the road were quite impressive and its interesting to see how much effort the big home stores take on displaying their outlets. Have a look, they have come out ok you know, however, the pics don’t really do the quality of the displays justice. It was a nice sight to see and recorded in high definition… I mean 2 megapixel! 🙂










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